Digital Transformation

Using the latest technologies to connect employees across departments, allow the multidirectional flow of great ideas, knowledge and skills. Thereby achieving the potential promised by next generation systems …

Customer Journey Management

Customer Relationship Management means the strict alignment of the whole company towards its customers – and the systematic planning and executing of processes to maintain successful customer journeys and relationships …

Business Intelligence

Make the most out of every bit of data you generate. Using the right strategy and technology to filter out information you need to increase your customers’ satisfaction, improve your internal processes and your marketing activities …

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founded in Frankfurt in 2009

diligent technology & business consulting GmbH

Diligent CRM Software

Since we were founded in 2009, we have supported our clients in a range of important strategic and operational IT-projects – assisting them at all stages of their business, digital and IT transformation, designing and executing successful customer journey strategies. We help organizations to improve on decision making, reducing cost and identify new business opportunities. diligent is an international Business and IT-Consultancy firm with headquarters in Frankfurt/Germany and offices in Budapest and Milan. We are growing steadily and currently have a team of 20 experts with a strong background in information technology and business.

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Our Services


Whether you are introducing a completely new system or want to optimize an existing one – we are with you from the very beginning. We analyze your processes, work together with you to develop the right strategy, procesessprocesses and advise you in choosing the ideal Software system.

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Process Excellence

Are your current business processes guaranteeing you the optimal outcome every time they are executed? Our experience counts many different integrations of systems in a wide range of industrieshelping our clients in developing best practices, fine tuning them to their individual needs.

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Customer Journey

We are technology experts. But not nerds. We are open-minded; we think beyond the boundaries of IT and bring technology, business processes, and people together. Accordingly, we will recommend you the Software solutions that is easiest for you and your employees to operate and that simultaneously best supports your goals. We have a big software toolbox and so far all of our clients loved what we had in store for them. We have the right solution.

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You need the right strategy and technology to be able to filter out the valuable information needed to increase your customers’ satisfaction, improve your internal processes, and better target your marketing activities. We provide Intelligence to your business, implementing organization wide strategies and transforming them into that information you need to provide your customers with unparalleled services and to always remain on the cutting edge.

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Our Partners

In today’s fast paced world it’s necessary to pool knowledge.
That’s why we are working together with strong partners.


SuiteCRM is the world leading open-source CRM system. Each line of code from SuiteCRM is open-source and free.


Creatio is the next generation CRM. First of its kind, it’s the process-driven cloud based solution to automatize marketing, sales and service.

Our references

OVB Holding AG
MIGUA Fugensysteme GmbH & Co. KG
Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband
Berlin Phil Media GmbH