Use big data technology to gain new, valuable insights into your business processes and the performance of your sales activities

Large amounts of data are the world’s latest commodity, but often many companies lack the expertise to exploit its full potential. You need to filter out the valuable information you need from a large amount of data and different data sources to increase your customers’ satisfaction, improve your internal processes, and better target your marketing activities.

We will help you identify the potential offered by big data technology and its potential applications, choose the best software for your needs and get your company started using it, and provide operation and support of your new system.

Big Data

Big data technology makes it possible to perform intelligent analysis of large amounts of data in varying formats and sources. In order to derive the greatest benefit from the available data, we will work with you to develop a strategy tailored to your business, your industry, and your customers.

Our certified staff (Splunk-certified architects) will analyze your processes, help you to develop the right big data strategy, and advise you in choosing the ideal software system. Whether you are introducing a completely new system or want to optimize an existing one, we’re right there by your side, each step of the way.

Your added value

We focus on processes in our consulting work. Our focus is not just on the technology and our employees bring their business acumen and their specific IT expertise to your project. Our many years’ experience with technical processes in ERP, CRM, and big data means that you’ll get exactly the software solution that both meets your goals and is as easy as possible to run.

The sequence of events

We start by doing a thorough analysis of your current situation: What data is generated where and when in your company? What does the underlying IT infrastructure look like? What information is critical to your success? Defining these parameters will give your big data project a solid foundation. We then proceed to determine the goals you want to achieve with your big data system. After all, you can only plan the route once you know where you are headed.

We collaborate closely with you to develop a strategy for your big data system, define the technical requirements, and compile an action plan that lays out step-by-step what will be done when.

Big Data

The use of big data software allows you to expand your existing BI infrastructure to include a central pool of meaningfully linked business and machine-generated data. This will open up new options for data analysis that will provide valuable insights into your underlying
business processes.

We will provide comprehensive advice and then recommend the software solution that you and your employees will find easy to use while providing the best support for your strategic goals.

Your added value

Our certified employees will handle setting up your big data system and adapting it to your needs. Our goal is always to ensure that you can extract the relevant information that you really need from the flood of data and convert it into intelligence that generates real value for your business.

The sequence of events

We understand that setting up big data systems not only requires installing and customizing the software to your business needs, but also ensuring user acceptance and integration. This is why we initiate a comprehensive series of change management measures in order to realize the full potential of your new big data system. We will also train your staff in the use of the software. This corresponds to our understanding of a comprehensive setup of a big data system.

Big Data

To customize the features of the big data system to your individual requirements, we will also program special Splunk apps for you. These are tailored to the specific tasks and subjects within your company and will include all relevant indicators and visualizations at a glance.

These topic-specific extensions to the existing big data system can be quickly installed and will support your employees in their day-to-day work.

Your added value

The Splunk apps developed by us are intuitive to use and bring real added value because they quickly filter out the truly important information and display it clearly. The attractive, user-friendly design of our apps ensures that your employees are happy to use our apps to complete their day-to-day tasks!

The sequence of events

Before we start app development, we first analyze the issues that particularly interest you and what information you need. And then the work begins. In the end, you will get exactly the app that best meets your needs and combines ease of use with real functionality.

Big Data
& Support

Even after your system is up and running, our team is available to provide further support and advice as needed. We help you to optimize operation of the system and the underlying IT infrastructure and adapt it as your needs change. Our professional technical support provides the expertise of certified big data consultants so that your employees are free to concentrate on their actual jobs.

Your added Value

We care not only about technical support, but also answering any and all questions you might have. We are always there for you. And we mean that literally. We have adapted our help desk organization entirely according to your hours. Whenever you are working, we are there for you.