Bpm’online: rebranding its success

Since it’s debut, bpm’online has been focusing on its core idea and value proposition: providing a CRM that would be easy to use and versatile enough to accommodate changes in business processes rapidly, to follow your firm wherever your strategy leads it. Back in 200, at the start of the project, changes could be mostly done by professional developers with advanced technical skills. However, bpm’online’s vision then was already set – everyone should be a developer and be able to automate their business ideas in minutes.


And as the bpm’online platform evolved, more and more customizations could be increasingly done by analysts and system administrators, users of the system. Today, this push towards the idea of empowering everyone to be a developer is still strong, and to emphasize and reflect this concept even more, bpm’online has recently announced that on October 30th they’ll be changing their corporate and product names.

This means that on that date, the following changes will occur:

  1. The way bpm’online logos and product names look like inside cloud systems, on premise applications and their website will change
  2. Product documentation and online guides will be updated for the new name
  3. bpm’online’s domain will be changing and online product instances will change accordingly

But more importantly, many of the key aspects of the company are NOT changing. Bpm’online‘s core vision and mission remain the same: the strategy, product line, leadership and team will not change. Finally, bpm’online’s most important value continues to drive every day innovation – being 100% focused on its customer’s success.

For our clients using bpm’online as a cloud solution, these changes will happen automatically thanks to an update. The update will only change logos and colors, without affecting any of the existing customizations, if not the domain name in specific cases.

While for our clients using bpm’online as an on-premise solution, in the days following the name change, an additional package will be provided. Installing it to your environment will update all logos and colors, without affecting any of the existing customizations. The domain name will remain unaltered in this case.

diligent will gladly help anyone who needs help installing the new package on on-premise systems and will of course provide support to all its customers.

For any question or to discover more about the name change (to know the name itself, you’ll have to wait until October 30th 😊 ), feel free to contact us at any time info[at]dtbc.eu.

To find out more about bpm’online and its offering, see this page on our website or navigate to bpm’online’s own webpage.