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We find what you need to know to take good decisions out of your data

Data has become a decisive factor in both production and general business success. Analysts expect data and its evaluation by business intelligence (BI) and analytics to result in an economic boom, not unlike the discovery of oil. However, even if it is difficult to quantify its significance, the effects are undeniable: new business models focusing on data collection and evaluation are emerging, value chains are shifting, and companies are differentiating themselves from their competitors through data-driven business models.

Challenges and opportunities are closely related. Just think of banks and fin-tech companies, universities and MOOCs, brick-and-mortar retailers and e-commerce.

Data expertise
& comprehensive solutions

We offer both, as despite all the euphoria, companies often lack the expertise to exploit the potential of their data. You need the right strategy and technology to turn raw data into valuable information. You need to evaluate large amounts of heterogeneous data in different data sources and apply the findings to business decisions. If this succeeds, you can increase customer satisfaction, improve internal processes, and optimise production processes. Perhaps you just want to put your operational management on a solid data basis and improve planning at the same time?

The possibilities are many: everyone’s looking for ways to engage in data extraction, advanced analytics, reports, and AI. We provide your company with the necessary expertise and work with you to implement enterprise-wide strategies to collect data and transform it into information using state-of-the-art analytics. In short, we help you become a data-driven company.

Technology is important,
but strategy comes first

Technology is important, but only strategy brings success

Business intelligence, reporting, Hadoop, MapReduce, R, analytics, data mining, data lake, closed-loop analytics, predictive analytics, operational BI, advanced analytics: lots of jargon and buzzwords are out there about data and technology. To help you cut a clear path through this jungle of concepts and ensure you reap the best benefits for your organisation, we at diligent have studied these technologies extensively, evaluated them, and had our employees are already certified in the most promising ones (Splunk and AB Initio).

Even before we start discussing details, we start working with you to analyse your processes, develop the right big data strategy, and design an advanced analytics concept.

Only then will we advise you on the selection of the optimal software. It doesn’t matter whether you want to introduce a completely new system, expand an existing one, or just add more intelligence to sub-areas. Once the foundations have been laid, sales have risen and initial successes have been achieved, only then will we start discussing how artificial intelligence can support your business objectives or whether we can use deep learning to further optimise your knowledge of the customer.

The sequence
of events

We start with a thorough analysis of the status quo: What data do you already have in-house? What data formats are available and how can we ensure data quality? What knowledge does the company need and how can this knowledge be gained from the data? Which analytics models do we need to increase sales? How do we reduce waste in production?

Your added value

We provide process-oriented advice to ensure your success. We therefore do not limit ourselves to technology, but combine market and industry expertise as well as our knowledge of in-house processes with solid IT knowledge.

Our procedure

Creating a clear profile of your status quo gives a precise starting point from which we can work together to begin defining your goals. As soon as the starting and ending points of the project are defined, our team will work with you to determine the course between those two points: strategy, technical requirements, resources, and implementation.
We understand your path towards more intelligence, BI, and advanced analytics as part of a comprehensive whole. It’s not just about software, but about change management. In addition to strategy and implementation, this also includes extensive employee training. If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, you need to be independent and confident in handling data and analyses.

We are also independent consultants and are not bound to any specific product family. You can count on getting a tailor-made solution from diligent that fits your technical requirements and business goals.

Our Services

Our consulting services focus on guaranteeing a lasting and successful digital transformation,
together with tailor-made business processes.



Whether you are introducing a completely new system or want to optimise an existing one, we are with you every step of the way. We analyse your processes, then work with you to develop a suitable digital strategy and advise you on the right choice of software.

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We’re technology experts, not nerds. We think beyond the boundaries of IT and combine technology, processes, and people. And you can count on us to help you achieve your goals by recommending the most effective solutions for you and your employees.

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