CRM & Customer Journey Management

Leave nothing to chance, manage the complete journey of your Customers

Every interaction a customer has with a company is what makes its journey either the ride of its life, a pleasant trip or a nightmarish experience. These interactions might be anything from a call, an e-mail, a visit on a webpage or to a store. Regardless of the contact point, losing sight of one or some of them, might mean your customer not getting the same experience you designed for it.

Customer Relationship Management means the strict alignment of the whole company towards its customers – and the systematic planning and executing of processes to maintain successful customer relationships. This way, you will be able to ensure a seamless experience to your customers, whatever the angle they approach your company from. As a result, the contact value of a customer can be increased and company’s goals can be better met.

Together with you, we develop a CRM strategy, which is tailored exactly on your company, industry and customers.


Your CRM system is more than just Software. Your CRM system is the heart of your customer journey. Because it meshes your sales and marketing activities together with your customer service. That means, you need a strategy that is tailored to your business, your industry and your customers in advance.

Whether you are introducing a completely new system or want to optimize an existing one – we are with you from the very beginning. We analyze your processes, work together with you to develop the right CRM strategy and advise you in choosing the ideal Software system.

Your added value

We advise you with a focus on process. Because our view is not just limited to technical change. Instead, we combine our knowledge of corporate processes with industry-specific IT expertise. We also advise you independently of a product. Accordingly, we give you the solution that will achieve your goals while remaining as simple as possible to manage.

The sequence of events

We start off with a thorough analysis of the current state of affairs. For example: What information do you have about your customers? What does the IT infrastructure look like?

Defining these parameters gives your CRM project a solid foundation. We then proceed to determine the goals you want to achieve with your CRM system. Because you can only plan the route once you know where you are headed. We collaborate closely with you to develop a strategy for your CRM system, define the technical needs and to compile a measure catalogue that indicates what to do, step by step.


We are technology experts. But not nerds. We are open-minded; we think beyond the boundaries of IT and bring technology, business processes, and people together. Accordingly, we will recommend you the Software solutions that is easiest for you and your employees to operate and that simultaneously best supports your goals. We have a big software toolbox. So far all of our clients loved what we had in store for them, be it Creatio or SuiteCRM. We have the right solution.

Your added value

If you would like, we can assume the implementation of your CRM system. Regardless of which provider or which technology you have decided on, we can adapt the CRM Software to your needs with your employees or in collaboration with partner companies.

The sequence of events

From our perspective, implementing a CRM system does not only mean adapting the Software to meet your business needs. It also means accompanying you during the migration of your databases from the previous system to the new one. At that, we start early in order to ensure the acceptance of the Software by incorporating comprehensive change management measures and training your staff on the new Software. That is our understanding of holistic CRM implementation.

& Support

One launch and then the CRM system runs by itself?

That would be nice. Especially in the initial period following implementation, the system needs professional guidance so that employees accept the system and learn to use it willingly. Therefore, upon request, we can assume the daily support of your CRM system.

Your added value

We take over support, either only for selected services or even as a complete service. You decide. Your bonus: Our professional support ensures that you have the expertise of CRM consultants, Software manufacturers, and outsourcing partners, and that you keep your employees open for daily business operations.

The sequence of events

We take care of more than just the technical support, we also stand by you and your staff and help you with your questions. We are always there for you. And we mean that literally. We have adapted our help desk organization entirely according to your work hours. Whenever you work, we are there for you. With our 24-hour on-call service.

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