Current project: Demeter e.V. introduces SuiteCRM

The Demeter e.V. was already established in 1924 and is thus the oldest bio-association in Germany. Demeter agriculture is the most sustainable form of land management due to the biologically dynamic nature of usage. More than 1,500 certified farmers cultivate an area of ​​more than 77,800 ha. To Demeter also belong about 330 Demeter manufacturers and processors, as well as contract partners from the natural food and health food wholesale trade. Under the umbrella of Demeter International, the association is now represented as an international organic brand on all continents.

The aim of the current project is to map and automate the entire Demeter certification process as part of a SuiteCRM system. At the same time, the cooperation between Demeter, the farmers and the external control bodies concerned should be facilitated. In addition to the master data of the companies to be certified, the new system must include, for example, all relevant animal and plant data in the form of so-called definition tables, as well as the corresponding land, fertilizer and stock tables of the individual companies. For the certification of the processors, it is also necessary to capture the respective ingredients, recipe and product lists in the system. Furthermore, the new system requires an interface to the external control bodies for an automated data exchange and should support the entire process from the inspection through the evaluation and detection of possible deviations up to the printing of the results reports and certificates.

The project is subdivided into several so-called development sprints, each focusing on individual subareas of the overall project. Each sprint begins with a workshop in which the detailed requirements for the new system are captured jointly. In the next two to three weeks they will be technically implemented, in order to present and discuss the results within the next workshop. This process is repeated for all sub-areas of the project and allows, in addition to high agility and flexibility, a close and regular exchange between all project participants.