Digital communication in office buildings supported by SuiteCRM

In a current project, diligent works together with an international provider of digital display networks, which offers professional solutions for office buildings and especially their lobby areas and elevator cabinets. With its constantly growing display network, the company provides decision-makers, employees and visitors in hundreds of office buildings with a mixture of up-to-date news, object-related content and animated advertising messages. The display network thus offers an efficient access to an increasingly hard-to-reach, professional premium target group. For companies and brands, therefore, it represents a tailor-made and high-quality advertising network to reach clearly defined target groups.

As part of the current project, SuiteCRM should be introduced as a central system for the creation of proposals, the contract generation and the building management. In the first phase, therefore, a special building module is created, which contains, among other things, information about the location of the buildings, the displays installed in them, the type and number of tenants as well as the calculated media reach. Depending on the respective requirements of the advertising companies, flexible and individual offers or contracts can then be generated based on a specially developed building selector in SuiteCRM.

In the second phase of the project, the invoice generation should be automated, whereby a special feature is that the owners of the buildings also get a part of the advertising revenues. This reimbursement takes place directly in the SuiteCRM system, based on the conditions agreed in the respective contracts. In addition, all office buildings, in which corresponding displays have been installed, should also be shown graphically in a map and be directly selectable in order to improve the clarity and to facilitate the daily work with the new system.