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Digital transformation describes a continuous change process through the use of digital technologies: smartphones, sensors, and AI are already transforming our everyday life in all areas of society. In business, the digital transformation is having an impact on what services are offered, on how they are provided and on how companies interact with their customers.

Digital transformation is everywhere

These changes have resulted in many new services such as mobile banking, online retail, and shared driving, affecting at the same time production needs. Books are becoming e-books with low marginal costs and goods are being manufactured in networked production lines with lots of sensors.
All of these changes have consequences for customer interaction. Marketing is becoming hyper-individualised, support is provided in part by bots, and AI analytics know what customers want even before the customers themselves do. Such changes often converge and are disrupting entire business models, for example, the transformation of automobile manufacturers into mobility service providers and football clubs becoming media groups.

Scheduled profit instead of fragmentation

We are convinced that neither technology nor digitalisation are ends in themselves. Digital technologies will not automatically optimise your company. This will depend on how they are implemented. If you do it incompletely or without a plan, digitalisation will lead to fragmentation.

The result: employees feel lost, customers feel badly cared for, data remain unused, risks increase while competitiveness decreases. That’s why we consider digital technologies within a company’s entire context.

How we design digital transformation and make you unique

We act according to plan, you profit: when strategy and technology are developed in equal measure, the advantages for your company quickly become evident for the long term. Identifying where and how digital technology will create competitive advantages is crucial.

This can be achieved through internal networking and peer-to-peer communication, by setting up an Internet of Things (IoT) in production, and by further developing CRM with business intelligence. Our goal is to work with you to develop solutions that enable you to offer new services, simplify or perfect processes, and gain new opportunities to interact with your customers.


How we work

We start with a thorough analysis of the status quo: What are our clients’ needs and how can we serve them better than the competition? Can we significantly increase customer loyalty with a smartphone app? How do we customise our product range? Does one-size-fits-all really work for us?

Creating a clear profile of your status quo gives a precise starting point from which we can work together to begin defining your goals. As soon as the starting and ending points of the project are defined, our team will work with you to determine the course between those two points: strategy, technical requirements, resources, and implementation.

We understand your digital transformation as part of a comprehensive whole. It’s not just about software, but about change management. In addition to strategy and implementation, this also includes extensive employee training. If you want to be unique, you have to make the most out of your opportunities.

Our Services

Our consulting services focus on guaranteeing a lasting and successful digital transformation, together with tailor-made business processes.


Whether you are introducing a completely new system or want to optimise an existing one, we are with you every step of the way.

We analyse your processes, then work with you to develop a suitable digital strategy and advise you on the right choice of software.

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Do your current business processes always guarantee optimal results? We evaluate your processes and help you find the best ways to improve them. We bring to the table experience from numerous projects in a variety of industries, as we help you developing best practices and fine-tune processes to meet your specific business requirements.

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