diligent app “SweesterCalc” will be integrated in the SuiteCRM version 7.8

As a SuiteCRM partner of the first hour, diligent has contributed to the success of award-winning open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application through various developments and code contributions in recent years.
In addition, diligent has developed various apps for SuiteCRM, which significantly extends the scope of the core solution. This included “SweeterCalc”, the tool for calculated fields within the scope of workflows.

For the new SuiteCRM version 7.8, diligent will donate the source code from SweeterCalc to SalesAgility, the developers of SuiteCRM. SweeterCalc is thus integrated into the SuiteCRM core product and is an integral part of the solution. Users who want further functions around the formula calculation, diligent offers a premium version of SweeterCalc.
Greg Soper, CEO of SalesAgility, commented: “We are delighted that such a powerful tool like SweeterCalc is now integrated into the core product. With the donation of the source code from SweeterCalc, the Diligent team shows once more that they want to support the SuiteCRM project, its sustainability and continue to contribute to its success”.
With SweeterCalc, processes in SuiteCRM can be further automated. Thus, it is possible to copy or process information from fields using logical-, mathematical-, text-, date-, control- or counter-functions. All functions of SweeterCalc can also be embedded in one another. In addition to the source code, diligent provides a comprehensive user guide.
The premium version of SweeterCalc offers additional features such as a formula editor, user-defined functions and cross-entity formula calculations. SweeterCalc Premium will be available in the SuiteCRM Store and on www.dtbc.eu.