diligent & Bpm’online: a partnership born out of synergy and a future proof software solution


diligent is a fast-moving consulting company, always looking for new solutions and ways to put its clients one step ahead of their competitors. In IT consulting business, being able to solve current problems it’s often not enough. Our experience has showed us time and time again, that it’s always good exercise to think ahead and to anticipate future needs.

That is why, when we are searching for new tools with which to expand our capabilities to help our clients, we are looking for something that is able to cover current needs, but at the same time flexible enough to accommodate subsequent requirements, whatever they might be.

Because of the above, it’s often hard to find a software solution able to withstand the test of time and therefore worth suggesting to our clients. However, we are truly excited to announce that we recently found a software capable of fulfilling our tough requirements, and that we promptly entered into a valuable partnership with its producers: bpm’online.

Bpm’online is a cloud-based CRM solution designed to enhance performances and render processes throughout your company fast, easy to manage and quick to change. In fact, bpm’online unique focus on change and adaptability allows it to control customer-facing processes in a heartbeat, equipping companies with the agility needed to constantly test different approaches and define the most efficient ways of communicating with customers.

Sharing common values of excellence, expertise and innovation, diligent and bpm’online are committed to empower clients with the best-of-breed CRM technology that helps businesses manage the complete customer journey and deliver an excellent and consistent customer experience.

Merging marketing, sales and service into a single, performance oriented solution, bpm’online is designed to deliver consistent success to its users. And innovation is at the very core of the bpm’online experience, with new features, extensions and apps rolling out to its customers, to make sure they always distinguish themselves from the competition.

Therefore, we consider the addition of bpm’online as an excellent tool that will be able to solve all your present-day needs, while dynamically adapting to whatever challenge the future has in store for you.

See for yourself why we think so highly of bpm’online. Click here to know more about it, or ask us if bpm’online might be the right solution for you.