diligent continues to grow – in Frankfurt and Budapest

diligent technology & business consulting AG is an international IT consulting company specialized in CRM systems, based in Frankfurt/M. and Budapest. Since its foundation in 2009, diligent has grown steadily and on its own. The company has always remained independent and is still 100% equity-financed. Currently, diligent hires new employees at both locations and is thus expanding its interdisciplinary and international expert team in the areas of computer science and business.

The decision to internationalize and to establish a branch abroad was already taken two years after the company was founded. At that, the choice fell on Budapest as the location was suitable to reach new customers and growing markets in Central and Eastern Europe and to better serve the existing customers in Austria and especially Vienna. The internationalization has also made it possible to increase the flexibility of resources, to get access to dynamic labour markets and highly qualified specialists as well as an expansion of our know-how.

At the same time, Budapest, with its more than 1.7 million inhabitants, is a lively, modern and vibrant metropolis, which is the economic centre of a whole region. The diligent office is located in the heart of the city, at one of the central squares near the Danube. Thereby, the site in Budapest does not represent the extended workbench of the company, in which only the programming work is outsourced. Rather, it is equal with Frankfurt in direct customer contact and fulfils also project management tasks. In addition to Hungarian and English, the colleagues in Budapest often also speak fluent German, which means that the internal coordination between the two locations as well as the cooperation with the customers work smoothly and are not hindered by language barriers.

We would like to continue this success story in the future and expand the business especially in Hungary itself as well as its neighbouring countries. Therefore, not only our entire web homepage is already trilingual, but soon we will also issue a first complete, Hungarian language package for SuiteCRM. All this is just to reach one goal: We want to continue to satisfy our customers, support them on-site and grow together!