diligent introduces SuiteCRM to a major international motorcycle manufacturer

Over the past few weeks, diligent has successfully come out ahead of several major providers of CRM systems. Within the framework of a multi-stage selection process for introducing a new CRM system at a major international motorcycle manufacturer, it was first necessary to present the company’s own business and convincingly present the possibilities and characteristics of the offered CRM system. In the course of a second selection phase, an initial prototype was developed to demonstrate how certain sophisticated use cases can be mapped within the system. Finally, all remaining providers were asked to create a concrete cost indication according to the given requirements. As a result, diligent came out ahead of the competition and was awarded the contract to carry out the project.

The aim of the project is to bring together all customers and prospective customers at a central site, whereby each customer or prospective customer should be identified as clearly as possible through all marketing channels, i.e., online via the website, social networks or the company’s own app and offline via dealer or trade fair visits in order to allow the data to be matched and completed. The aim is to achieve high data quality and to create the possibility of directly appealing to customers and potential customers as part of cross-channel marketing campaigns. In addition, external systems that are already used, e.g. for the media selection and scope calculation, are to be connected directly to the new open source CRM system. After a successful introduction to the motorcycle division, the company plans to use the CRM system in other areas of the company and expand it accordingly.

Within the scope of the described selection process, the advantages of open source software once again made a significant contribution. In contrast to the well-known proprietary competitive products, no licence costs are incurred for the open-source system SuiteCRM used by diligent. Additionally, the system is very easily adaptable and can thus quickly and easily take into account company-specific features such as a special test drive or contract dealer module. Due to the existing standard interfaces, external systems can also be connected directly to SuiteCRM. All in all, the resulting project impressively shows how adaptable and flexibly scalable open source systems are. Due to these features, the CRM system developed by diligent is more suitable for companies of all sizes than any other – from small and medium-sized companies with few users to internationally operating companies with several million customers and prospective customers.