Discontinued support for many SugarCRM® systems

We know that a large number of SugarCRM customers are using version 6.5.x and that they do not currently have plans for migrating (to another system).

For many of these customers, the “End-of-life plan” released by SugarCRM has caused some uncertainty because, after July 15, 2017, the company will no longer provide support for the Sugar versions 6.5.x, and will no longer provide bug fixing patches. This announcement applies to the Community, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions of SugarCRM.

The question for many SugarCRM customers now is: How should we proceed?

SugarCRM itself recommends for its customers, to no surprise, to migrate to SugarCRM 7.8. In this decision, however, you should note the following:

  • •SugarCRM 7.x is no longer open source, but proprietary
  • The switch to SugarCRM 7 will incur significant migration costs
  • The switch to the new version of SugarCRM comes with an increase in subscription prices

We therefore recommend that you consider whether switching to SuiteCRM is not the best solution for your business.

SuiteCRM is based on SugarCRM’s “Community Edition” and in recent years has been further developed into the world’s most successful open source CRM system . With over 500,000 downloads and a community of more than 33,000 active members, it is now the internationally leading open source CRM system.

And the advantages are obvious: SuiteCRM is independent, flexibly adaptable and at the same time free of license costs! The open source CRM system is continuously being developed and improved by its large community. There is therefore no danger of abrupt end of support as with SugarCRM. Also, this support (updates, forum, etc.) is available to all users free of charge.

As a former SugarCRM Silver partner and today’s SuiteCRM code partner, we know both systems. We advise you whether a migration from SugarCRM 6.5.x to SuiteCRM and the costs associated with it is reasonable for your company.

We also have many years of experience with SugarCRM systems (Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate). If you are not currently thinking about changing your SugarCRM system (for example, to the open-source Alternative SuiteCRM, which is free of license fees), we are happy to support you in the operation and support of your current solution.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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