EnergieCRM: Heat-Contracting-Solution now also for business customers

In a current project with one of the largest regional energy suppliers in Germany, diligent is continuing to develop its license-free open source CRM industry solution. With the new solution it is now possible to calculate different heat contracting models, which are aimed specifically at business customers and / or customers from the housing industry.

The new system will be able to manage different contractual models In addition to the direct settlement with the owner of the building, a distribution of the costs as part of a tenant bill and the management of master contracts will also be present in the new version of EnergieCRM . Consumption overviews will be easy to create and the direct connection to the existing ERP system allows automated billing, including printing and mailing of the invoices.

Until now, EnergieCRM has been used primarily for heat contracting solutions aimed at private customers. However, the current project shows that the branch solution from diligent is also capable of mapping complex energy products in the B2B area and facilitating their billing. In the sense of the open-source idea, the source code will be published after the project has been completed, so that the function enhancement will be available to all members of the EnergyCRM community in the future.

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