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EnergyCRM – The CRM for Energy Suppliers

Traditionally, the business of utility companies was, until recent years, the supplying of homes and businesses with electricity, gas and heat. These were for a long time the only products offered. Meanwhile, times have changed and many energy suppliers, especially municipal utilities, serve as energy service and solution providers for their customers. Accordingly, the range of services has been consistently expanded and extended by numerous new products to open up new areas of business. These innovative products include, for example, heat contracting, leasing of solar power plants, the construction and operation of power stations, energy consulting and a variety of smart home solutions.

Typical for all these products is that they usually consist of several components, which often vary with each customer. Therefore, these individually configurable and complex products are no longer, as before, simply billed through consumption rates and meter readings. In addition to billing, the development, administration, marketing and service of these products is also a challenging task for energy suppliers, which often can not or only insufficiently be done with the existing software tools.

So far, energy suppliers often have an ERP system from SAP in use (SAP® for Utilities or SAP® IS-U). To manage not only the standard products electricity, gas and heat, but also innovative products, new IT solutions are required. One solution for this is the introduction of an industry-specific CRM system. During the whole process of selection, adaptation and technical implementation of such a system, we offer you comprehensive advice and support. Our license-free open source SuiteCRM system complements your existing ERP system. For an automated synchronization of customer, contract and banking data both systems are directly connected with each other. This enables a flexible configuration, customization and automation of the entire process cycle:

From the definition and calculation of new products or product versions as part of the quotation, through the acquisition of new customers, support of marketing campaigns and the contract creation or management to the monthly billing and customer service.

Digitalization in the energy industry is not just a slogan for ENTEGA – our company is already in a process of upheaval. Therefore, we have redefined and implemented the sales and service processes for our innovative energy products. We have been significantly supported by diligent starting from process optimalization to implementation in SuiteCRM.
Christoph Steinhauer (Corporate Development Senior Manager),
ENTEGA Reference (PDF)

Our Solution

Our industry-specific CRM solution allows you to define at a central location both standard products as well as innovative and complex products consisting of several components. The system also supports the creation of different product versions or variations.

In addition, our license-free open source SuiteCRM system allows the calculation of customized products, the creation of contracts and the automated calculation of monthly billing plans that can be transferred for settlement along with the corresponding customer data directly to the existing SAP system. The deep integration with SAP® also allows a constant synchronization of customer, contract and banking data between the systems, which prevents duplicate records and allows for comparison of new and existing customers at a central location. In addition, our industry-specific SuiteCRM system facilitates product marketing and customer communications by allowing targeted marketing campaigns and creating automated customer letters, like for example welcome letters, billing plans or annual settlements.

We accompany you from the analysis of your individual requirements up to the technical implementation of the license-free open source SuiteCRM system and its integration into your existing software landscape. Therefore, you will get a CRM system from us that is exactly tailored to your needs and automates and supports the entire process from the customer contact through the quotation and contract creation up to the monthly billing.

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