Fast, reliable and efficient: SuiteCRM in the Logistics industry

As the world’s leading license free Open-Source CRM System, SuiteCRM guarantees independence from vendors, providing flexibility and versatility thanks to its open standards. This is proven by the many successful SuiteCRM projects that we were able to realize in a multitude of industries, as a quick glance to our references will testify.

As of now, diligent is working on the realization of a SuiteCRM project for a logistics company in the Rhine-Main area, which offers worldwide Express-Delivery, often on the same day, and specializes itself in emergency logistics and On-Board-Courier management. With branches all over the world, numerous awards and over 40 years of experience in the logistics industry, this is one of the leading company in its industry.

In their everyday business, speed, efficiency and reliability are crucial to their success – consequently, also their CRM system must be able to keep up with their needs. That’s why, it is crucial for them to be able not only to organize their contacts, but to manage them properly in order to coordinate the company’s international operations. That includes not just their own personnel and clients, but even the large number of their international partner companies.

Until recently, the enterprise utilized a self-developed CRM system, which was increasingly becoming unable to meet their requirements. Therefore, they were looking for an alternative, which they quickly opted for SuiteCRM and diligent, the official SuiteCRM partner from Germany.

What followed was an on-site Workshop to define their exact requirements, to understand what they needed from a new CRM system and to show them a first demo system. During the successive progression of the project, diligent expanded the underlying data model and carried out a migration of their existing data from their old system. Furthermore, diligent realized additional adaptations of the SuiteCRM system, as for example adjusting the layout & design and integrating different Mouse-over functions, which allowed for a faster and more efficient use of the system during day-to-day operations. To this end, an extension of the search functionality was added and a special Reporting-Tool was installed.

In the meantime, the project is almost ready to start the Go-live phase, which is planned to start this month. diligent was able to address all of the requirements within a very tight time schedule – and within the assigned budget. This was possible thanks to a project-specific cost control and thanks to the use of efficient and modern Project Management Tools. As of November, a follow-up project is being planned that will consist in the integration of the new CRM system with other existing IT systems of the company.

If you are involved as well in the logistics industry, or you happen to be interested in fast, efficient and reliable CRM systems that could support your everyday business processes optimally, feel free to contact us by clicking on this link.