Services of diligent:

  • Successful and timely migration from the previous Salesforce® System to SuiteCRM within a narrow time frame
  • Integration of several hundred users and arrangement of different user groups (sales, marketing & support) according to subsidiaries in different countries, each with appropriate rights and roles
  • Configuration of shared task pools for employees within a group (Group Queues)
  • Implementation of numerous company specific masks and layouts
  • Realization of a custom process to manage opportunities, including an automatic follow-up system
  • Comprehensive customizations in the Case module: set up of a multi-level ticket system, which covers the whole international TIER 1, 2 & 3 Support
  • Consideration of different support requests and their associated business processes, e.g. technical assistance & requests, RMA, ticket from service partners, etc.; different masks layout for each support type
  • Eligible clients can now submit their own tickets using a support portal and can, for example, track returning goods; in this regard, automatic synchronizations with the ERP system are carried out by referencing the serial number
  • Extensive automatizations and assistance optimizations for support personnel worldwide through the set-up of several hundred work flows and internal validation rules
  • Development of a dynamic survey tool within SuiteCRM capable of generating customer surveys in different individual compositions and languages, that can be automatically sent via e-mail; responses are automatically recorded on SuiteCRM
  • Worldwide go-live & continued support
  • A future project will see the construction of an entire system devoted to the set-up of central strategic core applications in the area of sales, marketing and support


  • SuiteCRM