Hungarian language pack for SuiteCRM – diligent publishes first full translation

SuiteCRM is the world’s leading open source CRM system, which is continuously being developed and improved by a community of more than 33,000 members. The high degree of dissemination of the CRM system is also reflected in the more than 500,000 downloads. The basic prerequisite for this international success, however, is the availability of appropriate language packs in order to be able to use the system in the various country languages. However, the development of the language packets is very different. So far, for example, there are still no language packs available for many countries in Central and Eastern Europe, although these are promising and emerging (IT) markets. Thus, the degree of completeness of the Hungarian SuiteCRM translation on the Crowd-based platform Crowdin is currently only 70%.

In order to increase the dissemination rate of SuiteCRM in these regions, and since diligent is represented with a branch office in Budapest in the Hungarian market, we are now offering for the first time a complete Hungarian language pack for SuiteCRM and will make this available to customers and the SuiteCRM community. The language pack is now available as a free download in the diligent shop. The package is compatible with SuiteCRM version 7.7.x or 7.8.x and can be easily installed via the module loader. It contains the complete Hungarian translation for the administration and the user interface of SuiteCRM and is continuously updated by diligent. You can also get a first impression of the new language pack in our Hungarian SuiteCRM Live Demo.

In addition to the new Hungarian language pack, diligent has been offering all SuiteCRM users free of charge a complete German language pack for years. This is not a crowd-based translation, but a language pack created by professional translators, which is regularly adapted by diligent to the latest SuiteCRM version in order to maintain the high quality of the language pack.
Both SuiteCRM language packs are available as a free download in the diligent shop.

Sweeter® Language Pack for SuiteCRM – Hungarian