To meet all of your needs, we rely on industry-specific solutions.

“Standard” CRM systems are built to span the general needs of as many different industries as possible. In order to meet the specific CRM needs of your company, we rely on industry-specific solutions. Because industry-specific CRM solutions are just like they sound, precisely tailored to the needs of each industry.

Over the years, we have found and implemented CRM solutions for a variety of companies from many different industries. To that end, some focuses have emerged over time: Insurance and financial sales, logistics, manufacturing industry, as well as IT and telecommunication. But when it comes to many other branches, we still know what we are talking about.

Other Industries

Regardless of whether you come from the media, telecommunications, construction, and consumer goods industry or the pharmaceutical industry, an industry-specific CRM Software supports your processes, improves your customer connectivity and increases your profitability.

In addition to our focus on insurance and financial sales, manufacturing facilities, technology companies, and service companies, we have also carried out projects with companies from other industries. Our customers come from a myriad of different fields. They agree that an effective CRM system makes their business processes more efficient, eases customer support, and optimally meshes their marketing and sales activities.

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