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CRM for Insurance and Financial Sales

People who have an insurance policy will probably also take out a second or third one in the course of their lifetime. Therefore, locking in existing customers is extremely important for insurance and financial sales organizations. That means that insurance and financial sales organizations need a CRM system that helps them get to know their customers and be able to assess their needs. One example: Most people who change their name are married. More reasons for insurance start to arise for people once they are married. Property damage, household, and possibly educational endowment insurance for the children become an important topic for many people. Those who recognize this can offer their products purposefully and thus gain a competitive advantage over others in their industry. An industry-specific CRM system supports you by automatically projecting sales notes.

Not just their customers, but good financial advisors too are like capital for every insurance company. Therefore, IT-based commissions management is a good tool for financial service providers for optimally supporting independent financial advisors and fixing competitive remuneration rates. Our CRM solutions can even help you with that.

Our solution

We provide flexible solutions that are specifically adapted to the needs of insurance companies and financial service providers. Industry-specific CRM systems that use structured processes to help you, for example, document your counseling sessions and maintain your compliance and documentation requirements effortlessly. That gives you an overview of customers, requests, and contracts, in turn, simplifying contract management, campaign management, and sales controlling for you.

Based on your individual needs, we will support you in selecting a suitable CRM Software and take care of the technological implementation and migration of your data.

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