To meet all of your needs, we rely on industry-specific solutions.

CRM for Manufacturing and Technology Companies

Especially for companies in the manufacturing and the technology industries, a good, industry-specific CRM system is golden. Why? By having a solid knowledge of your customers, you can make your marketing campaigns, but, above all, also your products and services, thus enhancing them and tailoring them to the needs of your customers. The result is more satisfied customers and long-term customer relationships.

Your CRM system links the departments together. By merging all your customer data across all locations, for example, you will have more detailed visibility of your customers and can purposefully calibrate your advertising and marketing activities to the results. Your service staff will even be able to proficiently respond to each customer, recognizing sales opportunities, being able to make matching offers and thus optimizing your service in the after-sales area.

For your employees, a good CRM system also makes work a lot easier. Because with one mouse click, you have everything at your fingertips: All orders, all requests, all emails, and all contracts are recorded clearly. So now your technicians know when a maintenance appointment is due for which customers at the touch of a button and, in turn, they can proactively reach out to them.

We provide flexible solutions that are specifically adapted to the needs of insurance companies and financial service providers. Industry-specific CRM systems that use structured processes to help you, for example, document your counseling sessions and maintain your compliance and documentation requirements effortlessly. That gives you an overview of customers, requests, and contracts, in turn, simplifying contract management, campaign management, and sales controlling for you.

Our solution

Ask us how an industry-specific CRM system can help you in the distribution and development of your products and services. We look at your business processes precisely to define your needs and assist you in selecting an appropriate CRM Software. We are happy to take over the technical implementation and integration into your existing Software programs.


Ask us what solutions we have for your industry.Ask us what solutions we have for your industry.

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