Mautic®, adding marketing to the world of open source CRM

The world of open source software represents an interesting opportunity for many companies and individuals alike. This concept has revolutionized the software industry, in many cases by bringing about a wave of game-changing innovations and solutions that left well known commercial providers no choice but to follow the lead. Prime example of it are the Linux® experience in the OS world, the world renown content management system WordPress® and of course SuiteCRM®. In 2014, this revolution affected the marketing world as well, as Mautic started its open source project.

Mautic is the first true open source marketing tool designed to support and automate seamless customer experience across every possible contact point, integrating all communication channels into one single platform. Using Mautic, you can track visitors to any of your websites, landing pages and social media accounts, recognizing recurring visitors, showing you what content they visualized and the time they spend on each page. It also allows you to create your own personalized online assets, using the platform’s built in landing page editor. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive campaign builder, Mautic’s users can set up complex automatic multi-channel campaigns that can reach your audience with e-mails, sms, web notifications, or even automatic posts on social medias.

Being open source, Mautic’s source code it’s available to everyone. Once modifications to the code or connectors to other programs are approved by Mautic’s team and its community, they will be added to the Marketplace. Here you can already find countless tools to connect the platform to many other programs.

Together with SuiteCRM, Mautic brings you the potential to truly customize and adapt the constellation of your IT infrastructure to the specific needs of your marketing and sales department. These two powerful systems can be easily set up to seamlessly handle customers from one department to another, saving you and your team time, resources and ensuring perfect results. And of course, both SuiteCRM and Mautic are open source, thus giving you the added benefit of having an overall lower cost with respect to their proprietary competitors.

diligent is a longtime partner of SuiteCRM, adapting and integrating it to suit each of our client’s need ever since its development in 2013. Over the years, we have been involved in multiple projects where we performed integrations of various levels between Mautic and SuiteCRM. Interested in integrating the two platforms? Contact us by clicking on this link and let’s discuss whether open source could also work for you.