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Myths regarding the implementation of OSS

If Open-Source is really as awesome as we are claiming it to be, then why isn’t everybody going Open-Source? Most of the time, the culprits are some myths and inaccuracies that surround Open-Source-Softwares. Particularly the following three points. Here is how we address each of them and explain why they are just that: myths that, for some reason or the other, are far away from reality.


Often, companies raise the liability issue as a potential hindrance to the use of open source software. They fear they cannot rely on a “manufacturer” or vendor should the system fail to function properly, or present security vulnerabilities.

However, unlike proprietary software, open source software allows anyone to see and improve the source code. Thus, the quality assurance otherwise performed by a single software manufacturer is “distributed” across many persons and organisations. This drastically increases the prevention of possible errors or security problems.

Moreover, if the open source software presents functional gaps upon use – depending on the type of contract – software integrator companies (such as diligent) shall be held liable. Companies considering open source software such as SuiteCRM can rest assured: they’ll get the same software quality as with proprietary software, at a fraction of the cost.


A common misconception surrounding Open-Source-Software sees users of said solutions having at their disposal an insufficient technical Support. However, it often left unsaid that Software integrator companies (like diligent) obtain part of their proceeds through the offering of Support packages.

Therefore, they have a vested interest in supplying comprehensive support packages. The more competitive they are, the better off the integrator firm and the receiving company are.

Compared to the quality and costs of support packages offered by proprietary software, those supplied with Open-Source-Solutions are more often than not much cheaper and providing the user with more flexibility. Moreover, there is even the free support of other users, coming from the many developer communities surrounding Open-Source-Software.


SuiteCRM is licensed under the AGPLv3 (Affero General Public License). The complete text of the license is available at the following link. The AGPLv3 License allows for unrestricted customizations and integrations of the software as long as its usage remains internal to the company.

In certain cases, potential users of Open-Source-Software (specifically those that need to adhere to very specific regulations and compliance obligations) ask themselves if every single piece of code and component in the Open-Source-Solution falls under the same permissive license conditions.

In the case of SuiteCRM, diligent has carried out a comprehensive audit of the entire source code with regard to the licenses used. The report is available to interested companies. Upon contact, we will gladly provide said audit.

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