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On the one hand, we offer different open-source CRM systems. We work closely with strong partners and development communities. For example with SuiteCRM as one of the first partners of this project since 2014 and contributor to the core product (for example, the part on “Automated Workflows” comes from diligent).

On the other hand, we also want to offer our customers the best of all worlds. For this reason, we are not dogmatic about adhering to open-source technologies. There are good solutions in the world of proprietary software, too. That’s why we have been an official Microsoft Silver Partner for several years, since Microsoft technologies are widely used and can often be used in combination with open-source CRM systems as well.

In IT, it’s often worthwhile to revert to what’s been proven. This saves time and money. You can be sure, however, that we will only recommend the best technical CRM strategy for your requirements. To this end, we work with different partners, because everyone has different strengths.

We are the largest SuiteCRM consulting company in the German-speaking region

SuiteCRM is the open-source alternative to proprietary CRM systems. With over 925,390 downloads and a community of over 126,124 members, SuiteCRM is the world’s leading open-source CRM system.

diligent technology & business consulting AG was one of the first partners right at the beginning of the project and moderated the German-speaking forum. With ideas, our own contributions and a lively exchange of experiences, we stand for the further development of SuiteCRM. And SuiteCRM remains a success: in 2016, the system received the Swiss Open-Source Award for the first time. diligent received this award on behalf of all those involved at a ceremony in Bern.


Open Invention Network: (OIN Licensees)

The Open Invention Network is a shared defensive patent pool with the mission to protect the LINUX ecosystem by building a variety of defences against patent attacks and to foster a successful environment for open source software. As OIN Licensee, diligent benefits from royalty-free access to a valuable and growing portfolio of strategic patents.

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