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CRM for Service Companies

Service that excites. That is what service companies are all about. Because unlike any other industry, service companies rely on satisfied customers and their recommendations. But you can only make your customers excited about your service if you know what your customers want. That means, you have to know your customers precisely.

A good CRM can help you and your staff to purposefully guide your customers. It shortens the response time to customer inquiries because all the information about your customers is available with just a few clicks. Master data, orders, contracts, phone calls, emails. Everything at a glance. That opens up room for individual service ideas that excite your customers.

Storing your customer data centrally simplifies business processes and reduces errors. Finally, all employees always access the latest version of the data, which ensures that you always have an overview of all customer contacts, can form groups of customers and place offers on demand.

Our Solution

We accompany you during the implementation of an effective CRM system that meets your needs and that really helps you to guide your customers. We can adapt existing systems to meet your exact needs or program a customized Software system for you. We also take care of migrating your data from your existing CRM system.

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