Individual software development and mobile apps allow you to stand out from the competition and to achieve your business objectives

If the standard software doesn’t meet your requirements, we will find a solution! Our interdisciplinary team of experienced specialists will meet your needs and develop exactly the software you need.

On request, we program cross-platform apps for smartphones and tablets that will help you to increase your customer loyalty and stand out from your competition. You decide on the features and design!


We have analyzed your needs in a CRM system. You told us what you want and now it became clear that none of the standard solutions fit your needs properly. Don’t worry. We can solve that, too. No matter how demanding your needs are, our interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals is there to fulfill all of your desires. To ensure that everything goes the way you want it to.

Your added value

Since we know our way around corporate processes and the appropriate technologies, we develop customized IT solutions that your employees can manage easily and use to facilitate their work. We rely on modern but proven technologies and concepts that we enhance specifically for you. That is how we secure your investment over the long term and ensure that your Software can be adapted later to other needs.


What do CRM systems and apps have in common? They serve the customer connectivity. And that’s why we also develop apps for you. Apps that your customers will really use. We program cross-platform applications for smartphones and tablets: For iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. Cloud based works too. If it is the right choice. A particular emphasis is placed on the realization of apps that involve the environmental context of the user, as well as geo-applications.

Your added value

The apps we develop are intuitive and bring the customers a real added value. And our apps are also designed with taste, too. All of that ensures that your customers like to use your app – and that gives you the decisive advantage against the competition.

The sequence of events

Before we start developing, we first analyze what problems your customers actually have. And then the work begins. Our apps combine ease of use with real functionality.