SuiteCRM Mobile App – Strategic Partnership with Yathit

diligent is a fast-moving consulting company. As such, we are always looking for new solutions and ways to deliver to our client the best tools in the market. But by doing so, we are not only looking for something that is able to cover current needs: we take pride in always recommending our clients with clever solutions that will at the same time be flexible enough to guarantee a high degree of “future proofness”.

That’s why we are truly excited and proud to announce that diligent is now in a partnership with Yathit.

Yathit provides an amazing App that enables SuiteCRM and SugarCRM users to access their CRM from their iOS or Android mobile devices seamlessly, which includes all SuiteCRM’s modules like Activities, Leads, Accounts, Contacts. The app even recognizes custom modules and can be optimized for any business logic your company might need. In fact, for all SuiteCRM users, Yathit and diligent’s partnership makes it easy to customize the app exactly the way you need it. And to top it all off, the App only needs to be installed on your mobile device: after entering your credentials to SuiteCRM, it automatically connects to it without the need to add anything to the backend of your CRM. With the simplest of downloads, you can now enable your team to work remotely, offline and even on the go, thanks to all the smart features the Yathit App has to offer. Yathit Mobile App frees users from a heavy and distracting laptop. Thus, with just a smartphone on hand, anyone can have access to the full power of the SuiteCRM database – anytime and anywhere. You can try it for yourself following this link, where we also provide hosting details for SuiteCRM.

Yathit in fact, specializes in Mobile App, Chrome Extension and Gmail Addon development for SuiteCRM featuring fast modern user experience. Yathit solutions are known to be simple to get started without requiring server-side backend implementation. Yathit is based in Singapore and its products and services are used by over 600 small and medium size companies from 19 countries.

Our partnership comes at a time where Telecommuting is fundamental to the world’s economy. That’s why combining Yathit’s expertise with mobile solutions and diligent’s experience with CRM systems we are sure to offer our clients with the highest level of customization in both fields, to care for our client’s transition and to accommodate for its telecommuting necessities in the coming months.

Finally, diligent is even happier to announce that we have been granted by Yathit exclusive rights to provide corporate licenses for full featured Yathit Mobile App with additional customization options. This license enables you to use Yathit company wide, independently of the amount of users. It’s therefore easier to manage and more cost efficient than individual licenses.

Therefore, we consider the addition of Yathit as an excellent tool that will be able to solve all your present-day needs, while dynamically adapting to whatever challenge the future has in store for you.

See for yourself why we think so highly of Yathit. Click here to know more about it, or ask us if Yathit might be the right solution for you.