SuiteCRM: Further comprehensive functions for formula calculation available with SweeterCalc Premium

For a long time, users of SugarCRM CE and SuiteCRM had to do without a function for the calculation of formulas. After SweeterCalc, a module developed by diligent for the use of formulas and calculations within workflows, has recently become an integral part of SuiteCRM 7.8, diligent now offers a new premium version of SweeterCalc. This premium version allows to enhance the formula calculation capabilities in SuiteCRM by numerous additional useful features, such as a formula editor and validator, temporary variables, user-defined functions, and cross-entity formula computations. These new features enable users to better depict and automate numerous processes.

SweeterCalc Premium is a ready-to-install package (compatible with SuiteCRM 7.2.1 and higher), so that the procedure for installing in SuiteCRM using the Module Loader is identical to other packages. SweeterCalc Premium is now available as a download in the diligent shop.