SuiteCRM User Training

In addition to the implementation and adaptation of SuiteCRM systems, as well as their hosting and support, diligent also offers various user training courses. These courses are aimed at different target groups such as, for example, end users, administrators, or corporate developers.

The SuiteCRM training for end users is tailored in each case to the specific CRM system and the specific everyday situations of the individual SuiteCRM users in order to carry out their individual work processes. Special IT knowledge is not required. The aim of the training is to provide end users with a simple and comprehensible demonstration of how they can best use SuiteCRM in their respective work routine.

As part of the SuiteCRM training for administrators, the participants are enabled to perform numerous tasks in SuiteCRM themselves. The one-day training includes the following topics: Installation & System Setup, User Management, Rights & Roles, E-Mail Setup, Studio, Module Builder & Loader, and Workflows. If necessary, the training can also be divided up into two half-days.

The SuiteCRM training for developers is directed towards people or companies who want to further develop and customize SuiteCRM. In this two-day training course, basic knowledge in PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS and SQL is desirable. The course covers the following topics: Installation & System Setup, Folder Structure, Packages, MVC, Logic Hooks and Schedulers.

In the past, diligent has already implemented numerous SuiteCRM user training courses for large and small companies from various industries at home and abroad. All training courses include both presentations and practical exercises. The topics handled in the courses are flexible in order to take into account the points which are of particular interest to the respective participants. All training courses can be carried out locally as well as online in the form of web meetings. We are happy to adapt our user training courses to your specific system and your individual needs.

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