We are the leading SuiteCRM consulting company in German-speaking countries – but not only there

SuiteCRM is the open-source alternative to established (proprietary) CRM systems. SuiteCRM is largely based on the popular SugarCRM® (Community Edition), one of the world’s most widely used CRM solutions.1

SuiteCRM is free and open-source.2

SuiteCRM pioneer from day one

We are SuiteCRM partner from day one. Immediately after the start of the project, we conducted our first consulting assignments and over the years we have become the leading SuiteCRM consulting company in German-speaking countries. But that is not the only area where we are active: we serve customers from all over the world and we are among SuiteCRM’s trend-setting partners.

official SuiteCRM partner

We were one of the first SuiteCRM consultants

diligent became an official Partner right at the start of the SuiteCRM project.

Every line of SuiteCRM’s code is open-source. You can download, modify and use SuiteCRM however you like. And it’s free.

At diligent, we are coding professional partners for SuiteCRM in order to offer our customers open-source CRM technology. With over 925,000 downloads and a community of over 125,000 active members, SuiteCRM is the world’s leading open-source CRM system. SuiteCRM is cost-efficient, independent of any single provider, and suitable for every size of company. Its solid technical foundation and extensive functionality makes it the world’s best open-source CRM system.

In addition, diligent can adapt the software flexibly to your individual needs and requirements or develop it further to your specifications.

Clear cost advantages for SuiteCRM

Clear cost advantages for SuiteCRM compared to conventional CRM systems

We have developed several investment models and compared SuiteCRM to conventional CRM solutions/licensing models. We dispensed with the usual marketing mumbo jumbo and made realistic assumptions.

When it comes to money, many manufacturers of CRM systems are rather evasive. Often, they only have ‘ROI calculations’. Aside from the difficulty in calculating the ROI, in doing so, the manufacturer often neglects to mention the total investment. At first, a monthly usage charge of €75 per user doesn’t sound bad for a cloud solution, but with 30 users, this means a total of €135,000 after 5 years.

Here you can find a comparison of a cloud and on-premises solution with SuiteCRM based on total investment:

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SuiteCRM Projects

Many projects for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for large companies

Open-source projects for software infrastructure have been accepted for a long time (the best example being Linux). Open-source solutions for business applications, however, have remained unusual. This has changed in recent years: both SMEs and large companies rely on SuiteCRM.

Linux is used by most SMEs and large companies. And not just anywhere, in business critical areas. And Linux is a free, open-source software. How could this solution establish itself over other (commercial) vendors? Well, neither marketing arguments nor colourful user interfaces are what led decision makers to rely on Linux. Rather, the unbeatable price/performance ratio and its solid technical base.

Most CRM provider rely heavily on marketing. That’s because almost all conventional CRM solutions are fundamentally interchangeable. At least in their general functionalities of all systems are similar. Functionally, SuiteCRM does not differ significantly from other vendors’ solutions. THE distinguishing feature is being open-source.

More on Open Source

SuiteCRM Projects

We did our homework: SuiteCRM and other open source solutions are fully compliant

Lately, there has been some talks about whether or not going open source is a wise idea. Many businesses are asking themselves if they can trust such a freely accessible environment, vis-à-vis traditional vendor provided solutions.

The EU itself could not turn a blind eye on the subject, commissioning a review of the open source framework. Their finding is actually encouraging small-medium enterprises, as well as bigger firms, to embrace the change and go full throttle on open source solutions.

We did some research ourselves on why corporations worry about freely sourced software. There are three main reasons: lack of supplier liability, insufficient technical support and unclear license conditions. These turned out to be all myths, as open source solutions, including SuiteCRM, are completely and thoroughly compliant with the latest regulations.

Read here how we dismiss each and every one of the above prejudices.

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In the meantime, SMEs and large companies have also discovered the advantages of free, open-source CRM software.
Our long list of references stands as a testament to that.

Test it yourself!

Access to the demo is free, as SuiteCRM itself. Thanks to its web based functionalities it is highly flexible as well. It can work as cloud or on-premise solution. You can install it yourself, or upon contacting us we can set up a test environment for you, where we can start modifying the software to adapt it to your every need.

SuiteCRM demo system

Click on your language, enter the login and password below and have a look at SuiteCRM for yourself
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SuiteCRM Hosting

Are you in need of hosting for your SuiteCRM? We have a large server capacity available for various requirements with a quick and friendly technical support team.

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SuiteCRM Support

Its solid technical foundation makes SuiteCRM an application that can easily be adjusted and operated. For companies that do not wish to maintain their own support resources, we offer various support packages. Choose from our three alternatives to find the right one for you.

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SuiteCRM Implementation

Each implementation project is individual. The challenge, however, is on the one hand to take into account the specific customer needs, on the other hand not to “reinvent the wheel”. That is why we use our proven approach for SuiteCRM implementation projects, which has the following steps:

  • Analysis of the current situation (business processes/ technical environment)
  • Definition of SuiteCRM project goals
  • Setting up the system and configuration of the system
  • Customizing of the SuiteCRM-system, if necessary, additional programming and interface customization
  • Data Migration
  • Training
  • Operation, Maintenance and support of the system

Regardless of whether you want to run the SuiteCRM-system in your own data center or let us do the job: We are your partner when it comes to customizing your SuiteCRM-system.

Migration to SuiteCRM

There are good reasons to migrate to SuiteCRM. The lower costs are not the only decisive point for many customers. The ease of use, flexibility, and support offers are factors that make switching to SuiteCRM a clear choice. Similarly, if you use your system to host, you will be more independent. SuiteCRM users each have their own database and their own Software instance.

Changing to SuiteCRM means virtually no loss of functionality. With our experience from numerous migrations, you can be sure that your current system will be reliably migrated to SuiteCRM. Tell us about your migration needs.

Our SuiteCRM Partners

The times are changing and speeding up. Those who think and work in networks are at an advantage. At diligent technology & business consulting AG, we place a strong emphasis on strong partners at our side.

Our SuiteCRM Partners

The times are changing and speeding up. Those who think and work in networks are at an advantage. At diligent technology & business consulting AG, we place a strong emphasis on strong partners at our side.

1 “More than 1.5 million individuals in over 120 countries rely on SugarCRM”. Source:

2 SuiteCRM is released under AGPL Version 3.


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