The clever alternative to Salesforce®: switching to SuiteCRM can offer many advantages

Salesforce® is among the biggest providers in the world of proprietary CRM solutions. The company self-proclaims to be able to offer its clients with the “unbeatable CRM tool”.
However, diligent has been experiencing a significant rise in customers inquiries during 2017, specifically of those clients looking to replace their Salesforce system with a SuiteCRM one. After having successfully implemented numerous migrations from Salesforce systems (have a look to some of our references regarding some of such projects), we were asking our clients the reason behind their wish to switch to SuiteCRM.
Here are the three most common responses we got from companies, which wanted to migrate from Salesforce to SuiteCRM:

1. Price
The “entry-level versions” of systems that have more than 5 users are priced starting from € 75,- per User/Month. This would entail, for example, that a system for 30 users during the course of 3 years would cost € 81.000,-. On the other side, SuiteCRM comes at € 15,- per User/Month (and an overall cost of € 16.200,- for 30 users after 3 years), assuming that the company opts for the cloud variant. For SuiteCRM systems that are operated on premise, the cost can be even lower (depending on the IT cost structure of the single company).
Next to the base price, additional costs may arise, but that is just depending on the functionalities or services you require. You may for example want the addition of a Knowledge Base, or the offline availability of the system, visual workflows, etc.

2. Support
The support and service packages that Salesforce is offering to its clients are not covered by any Service Level Agreement (SLA), therefore they are not guaranteed services. Also, every Salesforce edition comes inclusive of a “Standard Success Plan”, with which clients can get a hold of their support contact only through an online portal, promising a reaction time of up to two days. That’s why Salesforce itself recommends switching to its “Premier Success Plans”, that will however come at a price of 15% of your annual subscription to Salesforce.

3. Access to data (from US agencies)
In 2016 the so called “Germany Cloud”, owned by a big German IT service provider, was put into service, through which even Salesforce products are being offered.
In other constellations, this German provider arranged a data trustee together with other product providers. The aim of this agreement is to prevent US agencies access to data (of clients) that are saved onto cloud systems sold by US companies, whenever they are saved from Germany (Cloud with German trustee). The trustee will monitor and control any and every physical and technical access to clients’ data. This way, even US companies providing Cloud services won’t be able to access those data that are saved on the Germany Cloud.
In 16.07.2017 the US Department of Justice asked the Supreme Court to make a deliberation regarding whether should US Agencies be entitled to access those data, which are saved in other countries by foreigners, physically outside the us, but using a US company’s cloud services.
To this day, the question regarding access to data stored on cloud systems is still unanswered, and has yet to be better defined.

The migration projects that diligent operated from Salesforce to SuiteCRM were inclusive of every functionalities and data.
Contact us and let’s talk about whether a migration to SuiteCRM might be the right thing even for your company.

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