The GDPR has arrived. Find out what it means

As of May 25th 2018 the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (in short GDPR) has entered into force. With it come new requirements that companies operating in the Euro zone and handling personal information of European citizen need to abide to.

Among the many requirements involved there have been reworks to the handling of customer’s consent, including simplifying terms, conditions and procedures to withdraw such consent. Also, at any point in time customers will have the right to require a copy of all their personal data used or stored by companies, reuse/transfer them, request a halt on their distribution or ask for their deletion.

If your company uses or is looking to deploy a CRM system, chances are your company falls under those that need to implement the new changes dictated by the GDPR. At diligent we’ve been preparing for this occurrence since 2017, having one member of our team trained on data protection and subsequently certified by TÜV, Germany’s safety monitoring agency.

In the weeks before the actualization of the GDPR, we have also been supporting many of our existing and old customers to implement the necessary changes to their CRM systems. Procedures such as automatic double opt in or functionalities like reporting tables to show and eventually cancel all data saved on the system regarding a single contact have been implemented.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can perform audits on your current system, regardless of the CRM you are using, to confirm that you are compliant with the regulation. In case your system does not support what is required to be compliant with the GDPR, you can always consider switching to SuiteCRM. The latest version of this license-free open source platform comes already equipped with the functionalities needed to meet GDPR’s requirements. Furthermore, we have created ourselves several custom solutions so that even older version of SuiteCRM will remain compliant.

Contact us to learn more about the GDPR and the compliance of your system. Alternatively, have a look at what SuiteCRM can do for you and the considerable cost savings it can entail being license-free.