Yathit latest Functionalities: Inline edit and Addresses from Google Maps

Our Yathit Partner is always busy tweaking and improving the Yathit Mobile app for SuiteCRM. The latest addition? You can now edit fields inline and pick an address directly from Google maps from your Mobile device.

For those of you who don’t know it yet, Yathit is in our opinion the simplest yet most versatile App for SuiteCRM. In fact, to enable it on your Mobile device you can very quickly install it with just one click from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. After that, just type in the URL of your SuiteCRM application and the username and password of your account. You’ll now be able to work on every SuiteCRM record from your mobile device

Those of you familiar with SuiteCRM will already know of the Inline Editing functionality. It is a very comfortable feature that on desktop or laptop lets you modify a field directly from the detail view, without the need to switch to the edit view of the record. This can save time when all you need to modify is a small typo in just one field. As of now, this quality of life improvement is also available on your Mobile device when using Yathit Mobile app.

The second functionality works with Google Maps (also on iOS) and lets you quickly add Addresses from your mobile.

On the fly? You know where the client is located but can’t remember its precise address? No worries, now with Yathit you can edit any address field and select the show on map option. This new option will open Google Maps directly in app and you’ll be able to simply drag the destination indicator. Once you’ve position it on the correct location, the place’s address will be shown to you. Simply confirm it and it will be carried over to the address field in your SuiteCRM. Another quality of life improvement that spares all Yathit users the tedious switching between apps.

Best of all? These updates are delivered through the automatic app upgrade provided by iOS App Store or Google Play Store. So if you are already a Yathit user and allow apps to be updated automatically on your device, chance is that these features are already available to you.

As a final note, both Yathit and diligent are always at your disposal in case you need to customize even further or add entirely new functionalities to your Yathit Mobile App, or directly on your SuiteCRM environment. Click here to know more about it, or ask us if Yathit might be the right solution for you.And as always, we wish you, your colleagues and your family to remain healthy during these trying times.