La conformità al GDPR non è mai stata più semplice sul CRM open source #1 del mondo, SuiteCRM

diligent is pleased to announce the launch of SweeterGDPR: the add-on that makes compliance with GDPR easy for SuiteCRM users.

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. But to create an impactful email marketing strategy that is safely compliant with GDPR regulations isn’t easy. Besides requesting consent for newsletter sign-ups with a double opt-in procedure and tracking sign-ups, you also need a system in place to receive and quickly respond to GDPR-related requests from customers and potential customers.

SweeterGDPR adds all these functions to your SuiteCRM, next to SuiteCRM’s existing confirmed opt in. It even enables you to delete customer data upon request while maintaining historical company data.

Features of SweeterGDPR

  • receive and track GDPR-related requests and send GDPR logs on demand
  • explicitly ask for consent to send newsletters/marketing emails through a double opt-in process for contacts/leads and track the responses
  • comply with the “right to be forgotten” : anonymize specific information related to the single contact/lead/target without losing historical data

Continue to enjoy the freedom of license-free SuiteCRM, now with the reassurance of SweeterGDPR. With SweeterGDPR, you can fearlessly create new email marketing campaigns and reach your sales goals.

See SweeterGDPR in the SuiteCRM Store

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